Still Life with Irises


Size: 46 3/4 x 38 inches (118.7 x 96.5 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Signed lower right: CARLES
Why We Love It

Carles's still life paintings are some of his most remarkable and important works. Still Life with Irises demonstrates Carles's masterful ability to orchestrate luscious color harmonies, as he creates brilliant juxtapositions of blue-green, yellow, purple and red. Moreover, his dynamic fragmenting of the background prefigures his later groundbreaking abstractions.

The Value

Carles’s contribution to the modernist movement in the United States remains vastly under-recognized. The value of his paintings has not yet caught up with his importance in the history of American modern art, making works like this one an incredible buying opportunity. We believe that in the years to come Carles will get his due as one of the great American modernists.