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John La Farge

1835: Born in New York City; First studied art with his maternal grandfather, who was a miniaturist; Attended college at Mount St. Mary’s College in Maryland; 1856: Upon graduation, traveled to Europe where he visited France, Holland, Belgium, and England; 1859-67: Produced his most important still-life paintings, which demonstrate the influence of French, Japanese, and Pre-Raphaelite art; 1867-71: Began painting landscapes, many of which were exhibited at the National Academy of Design (NAD); 1872-73: Traveled to Europe, which reinforced his interest in medieval stained glass windows; 1876: Asked to take complete charge of interior design at Trinity Church, Boston. Many other such commissions would follow; 1886: Traveled to Japan for the first time. The trip was hugely influential on his work for the remainder of his career; 1890-91: Traveled to the South Pacific, visiting Hawaii, Samoa, Japan, and Tahiti; 1910: Suffered a mental breakdown, from which he never recovered. Died that same year.