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Alice Mumford Culin

Alice Mumford attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied with Joseph DeCamp, Robert Henri, and Carl Newman.  She studied with William Merritt Chase at the summer school in Shinnecock, NY.  At PAFA, she met fellow artist Marie Haughton, and in 1898 they both traveled to Europe to paint.  Alice stayed and studied for two years in Spain and then Paris, where she exhibited at the Paris Salon (1900); and then to London to study for one year in Whistler’s newly founded art school, where she exhibited at Earl’s Court (1902).

Mumford returned to the US and began her career as a noted portrait painter.  She won the Mary Smith Prize at PAFA in 1905 and 1910.  She maintained her close friendship with her now married friend Marie Haughton Spaeth.  Alice herself married, becoming Alice Mumford Roberts.  They painted each other’s children (Spaeth’s portrait of Penny Mumford (Penelope Roberts) was exhibited at the Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915).  Alice Mumford exhibited three paintings at the Exposition in 1915, where she won a bronze medal.

In 1920, Alice married the famous Ethnographer Steward Culin, curator of the Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, and she lived and worked in Brooklyn until the death of her husband in 1929.  She moved to Miami in 1930, where she lived and worked until her death.