In Brittany


Size: 30 x 38 inches (76.2 x 96.5 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Why We Love It

Schofield travelled constantly throughout his painting career, and he is particularly known for his snow scenes of Bucks County as well as his marine vistas of the Cornish coast. However, he also travelled throughout much of Europe, including France, where he painted this street scene of Brittany. This painting demonstrates Schofield’s ability to capture a distinct sense of place, using the rich and textural brushwork that is characteristic of his unique painting style.

The Value

Schofield remains an important figure among the Pennsylvania Impressionists, even though most of his life was spent away from the region. In all of his paintings, he maintains a clear and recognizable artistic style that speaks to his unique approach to the landscape. Any collection of Pennsylvania Impressionism should include one of his works, and this particular example demonstrates some of Schofield's best traits.