Easter Morning


Size: 26 x 32 inches (66 x 81.3 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Signed lower left: E. W. Redfield.
Why We Love It

Of all the subjects Edward Willis Redfield painted, the winter landscape surrounding his Bucks County home was his favorite. He is famous for strapping his canvases to trees and painting large works “all in one go,” while bundled up in a heavy overcoat. This painting exemplifies the energy and physicality of Redfield’s style, particularly the vigorous brushwork and heavy impasto, which is typical of his best work.

The Value

Paintings by Edward Willis Redfield are the most widely recognized and revered of the plein air works we now refer to as Pennsylvania Impressionism. They are represented in major museum collections all over the country. Easter Morning is a quintessential example of the artist’s most acclaimed period and style. It is unlined, in mint condition, and in a period Arts and Crafts frame.