Dance Interlude


Size: 12 x 16 inches (30.5 x 40.6 cm)
Medium: Oil on board
Why We Love It

One of the most successful American women artists of her generation, Low embraced the style of Impressionism while living in France with her first husband, the sculptor Frederick MacMonnies. Dance Interlude was probably executed while Low was back in the United States in New York City, after her divorce and subsequent remarriage to Will H. Low. The figure is dressed in a simple Grecian robe, which is reminiscent of Isadora Duncan’s famous style of modern dance that was popular during this time. Low has rendered the figure loosely with bold and lively brushwork and a richly saturated palette.

The Value

The work of American women artists has been historically under-recognized and undervalued. For reasons far too numerous to list here, the work of women artists like Low has all but been forgotten. And yet she and her female colleagues as a group made a profound impact on the evolution of American art. We believe it’s time to know these women and add their work to collections. It’s not just a good value, it’s a fine American painting and proves a critical part of Avery Galleries’ mission statement: We buy great art not signatures.