Size: 12 3/4 x 18 3/4 inches (32.4 x 47.6 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Signed, inscribed and dated lower left: Dennis M. Bunker / Larmor / 1884
Price: On Request
Why We Love It

Dennis Miller Bunker has always been one our favorite artists. He communicates sensitivity through color and brushwork in a way that sets him apart from almost every other artist of the late nineteenth century. In Larmor, Bunker takes the workaday view of the harbor––with people gathered in groups, doing nothing in particular––and infuses it with a quiet beauty that is captured in the glowing blue sky set against the sun-drenched, light-colored sand.

The Value

The fact that there are so few known paintings by Dennis Miller Bunker accentuates the pleasure of finding such a lovely example. When he died at the age of twenty-nine, he had completed just over one hundred works and yet his reputation was already so highly regarded that his passing sent shock waves through the art world.