Summer Reflections


Size: 30 x 36 inches (76.2 x 91.4 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Signed and dated lower left: Baum / 25
Why We Love It

Baum painted a picture almost every day of his adult life and it appears that most of those paintings are still in existence. Consequently, the quality of his paintings can vary widely. However, Summer Reflections is a very fine example of the Baum’s style and a quintessential depiction of the Bucks County area.

The Value

Because of the enormous range of quality in Baum’s paintings, prices for his works have been equally inconsistent. The old truism that one should seek to buy the best of any artist’s work is especially true in his case. Baum’s finest efforts deserve an honored place in any Pennsylvania Impressionist collection and this is one such example.