Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait 1819-1905

The Hound

  • 13 1/8 x 10 inches (33.3 x 25.4 cm)
  • Oil on board
  • Signed within painting (on bucket): AFT
  • c. 1853

Why We Love It

Tait’s animal paintings were hailed for their masterful realism. Moreover, he captured the personalities of the animals, while maintaining this realism and never venturing toward cartoon. In this work, Tait depicts a chained hound with such plaintive expression that the viewer cannot fail to be moved by it.

The Value

The fidelity and charm of Tait’s animal paintings have afforded them great popularity and collectability since they were executed in the nineteenth century.  The condition of this work is superb, making it appear as if it was painted just recently.  The painting is accompanied by an original poem by C.D. Stewart.  The popular subject, fine condition, period frame, and poem make it a wonderful addition to any collector’s home.

Artist Background

1819: Born in Liverpool, England; 1850: Traveled to America to pursue his interest in wildlife and hunting;