Walter Granville-Smith 1870-1938

“Sentinel Trees,” Bellport, Long Island

  • 37 3/8 x 49 1/4 inches (94.9 x 125.1 cm)
  • Signed and dated lower right
  • 1914

Why We Love It

Granville-Smith’s beautiful landscapes of the Long Island shore, specifically Bellport, are among his most popular and collectible works. His bravura brushwork and ability to capture the dazzling color and light of the landscape make this a quintessential American Impressionist painting.

The Value

Granville-Smith’s landscapes of Bellport, Long Island, represent his best work; they also beautifully capture the spirit of American Impressionism. Sentinel Trees presents a unique buying opportunity. We purchased the painting very advantageously and are able to offer it well below its true market value. The work is in excellent, unlined condition and has an exceptional period frame that is probably original to the painting.

Artist Background

Walter Granville-Smith’s beautiful landscapes of the Long Island shore, specifically Bell Port, captured the interest of collectors and critics during his career.  His fondness for depicting leisure––whether it was boating, as seen here in Sentinel Trees, or in his paintings of women and children––was very much of the time, as American artists sought to give more than one face to the landscape.  This new expression was different from the grandiose visions of the Hudson River School and reflected the taste of a new collector, who wanted images of American prosperity, seen in the beauty of the objects they possessed and the time they had to enjoy them.

In Sentinel Trees, Granville-Smith’s expert composition and the sheer handsomeness of the scene would have had great appeal to his contemporary client.  The impressionistic style of his brushwork and soft palette coupled with the surety of his draftsmanship work together to make the painting a singular example of the artist’s mature style.