Frank Duveneck 1848-1919

Spring Day

  • 17 x 19 inches (43.2 x 48.3 cm)
  • Oil on canvas
  • Signed lower right: FD

Why We Love It

Although Duveneck is often known for his earlier paintings in the dark and loose style of the Munich School, he also spent time in Italy, where he began painting plein air landscapes that were influence by the light and color of the Mediterranean. After returning to the United States in 1888, he continued to employ the lighter palette and smooth brushwork that he had developed during his time there, as can be seen in this idyllic spring landscape.

The Value

Paintings by Duveneck are rare, especially landscapes like Spring Day with its lighter palette and echoes in style of John Twachtman. The work is in excellent condition and has a fine period Carrig Rohane frame.

Artist Background

1848: Born in Covington, Kentucky on October 9; 1870: Traveled to Munich, Germany to study at the Academy; 1872: Won prize competition in composition; 1874: Mounted an exhibition of portraits held in Cincinnati; 1875: Exhibited at the Boston Art Club. Subsequently traveled to Munich and stayed there until 1877; 1878: Returned from Venice to Munich and established his own school of painting there. Worked in Munich and Polling, and exhibited at the National Academy of Design, New York; 1879: Traveled to Florence with the “Boys” and spent winters there and summers in Venice for two years; 1886: Married in Paris to Elizabeth Boott. Lived in Villa Castellani outside of Florence until 1888; 1888: Wife, Elizabeth, died suddenly; 1890: Traveled to Cincinnati; 1893: Received award at Columbian Exposition in Chicago; 1895: Traveled to Paris and received Honorable Mention at the Paris Salon for the Memorial to Mrs. Duveneck; 1900: Joined faculty of the Art Academy of Cincinnati; 1901: Awarded Silver Medal for Painting at Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo; 1905: Elected associate of the National Academy of Design; 1910: Exhibited in Exhibition of American Art in Berlin; 1911: Exhibited in American Art Section, International Fine Arts Exposition Buenos Aires, Argentina; 1915: Awarded a special Gold Medal of Honor at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco; 1917: Received the degree of LL.D. from the University of Cincinnati; 1919: Died in Cincinnati, January 3, at the age of 71.